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Results of 2017 Trierenberg International Super Circuit are in

Once again I have had work accepted and send on for final judging. Five of my eighteen submissions went on to final judging. Alas, none won, but they say if you can get even one accepted in this international juried photo show in Austria, your work is pretty damn good.

Here are three of my submissions that went on for final judging.

Alaskan fjord, called Tracy Arm

Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska

Alaskan fjord called Tracy Arm

Cloud and mist swept forests of Tracy Arm Fjord.

water level of the Colorado river Hoover Dam water level

The Colorado river at the Hoover Dam in 2016.

If you’re interested in entering next year, here is the link to the site:



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Business Trip Bonus #2: Hoover Dam

My second excursion while in Las Vegas after business hours was out to Hoover Dam. Built at the height of the Great Depression of the 1930’s as a way to control the Colorado River and generate electricity (also water for the surrounding areas). The dam is a marvel and once you look down upon it from the newly constructed Pat Tillman Bridge you really get a true sense of the utter scale of this project and what it took to build.

The very next thing that you’ll notice is the white “bath tub” ring on Lake Mead that shows just how much the years and years of drought have had on the area. Yes, that’s well over one hundred feet below where it should be and if it drops much lower they will not be able to generate electricity.

The Colorado River leaves the Hoover Dam flowing under the Pat Tillman Bridge

The Colorado River leaves the Hoover Dam flowing under the Pat Tillman Bridge.

hoover dam lake mead

The Hoover Dam water intakes on Lake Mead. The water should be just below the bridges connecting the water intakes!

The Hoover Dam intakes on the Arizona side.

The Hoover Dam and what’s left of Lake Mead on the Arizona side.







Tip: Because of the tripod issues from the day before, I decided to boost the ISO and hand hold for these shots, the key is to develop a good solid stance and brace you against something.


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2016 Trierenberg Super Circuit has opened for entries

The Trierenberg Super Circuit is now accepting submissions for their 2016 competitions. It is an international photo salon that I have be participating in for years and it’s a great opportunity to have your work judged on an international level getting international recognition as well. Over the years, this salon has grown steadily and now offers a wide variety of themes. One of this years themes, “My Four Best Images” is giving me a chance to submit two of my past Gold Metal winning photographs, “Goose On McNally Lake” & “Winter’s Remains”, that won and gave me a reason to visit Austria to accept the gold medals in person. If you’re interested, here is the link to the site:   http://www.photocontest.at/


Goose on a misty lake early in the morning

Early in the morning a Goose floats through the mist on McNally Lake.

Deer leg lies on the snow.

The remains of a deer leg on snow.

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First stop Ketchikan.

After a full day at sea it was good to get off the ship and explore the picturesque city of Ketchikan. The ship provided an excellent vantage point to shoot from (without a tripod, which I would have preferred to use but didn’t take with me on this trip.) and capture these nice shots of this quaint port town that caters to the cruise ship industry. Located on Revillagigedo Island, Ketchikan has a population of just over 8,000 but, you wouldn’t know it for all us tourists, the streets were busy with shoppers and sightseers.

Ketchikan waterfront with the foggy mountains in the background.

Ketchikan waterfront

Ketchikan from the deck of the Ruby Princess.

Ketchikan from the deck of the Ruby Princess.

The Tongass Narrows of Ketchikan, Alaska.

The Tongass Narrows of Ketchikan, Alaska.

Using the ship to shoot from maybe a no brainer but, picking the right composition, view and if available to you, time of day; can take your photographs from ordinary snap shots to memorable photographs as I would like to think these three photos do. Always go for unique and your photos will tell the story themselves.

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2014 Swampfoot Run

I went up to St. Clair, Michigan last weekend (August 30th) to watch the runners take on the 2014 Swampfoot course; it’s four miles of mud, muddy water and obstacles. Everyone enjoyed themselves on this challenging military style course and I had a great time photographing them.  Here is one of the many runners coming clearing the last obstacle to complete the course. Great job everyone!

A Swamp Foot runner clearing the last hurtle to get to the finish line.

A Swamp Foot runner clearing the last hurtle to get to the finish line.

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Special Olympics posts

The photos I shot at the Polar Plunge were used on their Flicker site! And may end up on their Facebook page too.


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Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics

Well, finally the weather became somewhat reasonable, so I went up to St. Clair Michigan for the Special Olympics Polar Plunge. Yes, it was still very cold but, the sky was clear blue for a change and the winds seemed light to me, but I didn’t jump in. A special thanks goes out to all those brave men and women who did take the plunge it’s for a great cause.

St Clair Polar Plunge 4a

And this couple steps in for a good cause.


In go Mario & Lugi.

In go Mario & Lugi.

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