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Keeping Sharp

Sometimes when you’re juggling a regular full-time job, keeping a home up and numerous other responsibilities, you may not get the time to take that early morning drive out to catch a sunrise or the fog over a meadow. And maybe the wildflowers in your yard haven’t started to bloom yet. What’s an itchy-fingered weekend photographer to do to stay sharp? Well, for me there’s always a cat, when they feel like cooperating, of course. This is great practice anytime and when you can bring out who they are, you’ve done your job.

Ebony the black cat sitting for her photo

Ebony “Boo” the queen allowing her photo to be taken.

Wookiee the cat hiding under a newspaper story about naughty and nice kids.

Wookiee attempting to hide under the Naughty List.


Over the past eleven years, I’ve had four rescue cats come into my life and they have left an indelible mark on life. They all have and had their very own unique personalities and when I needed a willing victim to keep my skills up, they usually were and are pretty tolerance. So with all that said, Wookiee, Chilly, Ebony and especially Buddy the big guy who had been through so much, but never let it changed his laid back attitude, Ebony and I miss you pal.

Buuddy the cat opens his eyes for a close-up photograph.

Buddy is awaken to the sound of me creeping in for a close-up.


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Greyhound rescue

Last weekend I went to a charity trivia event at Mr. B’s in Royal Oak to benefit MotorCity Greyhound Rescue (MotorCityGreyhoundRescue.org) and afterward was invited to welcome three newly rescued Greyhounds at Scrubbers Self-Serve Dog Wash and Grooming of Royal Oak where the three were bathed and checked for ticks and fleas before going on to their foster homes. The dogs all seem to know their lives were changing for the better. After getting a good cleaning the dogs getting some much-needed loving.


A newly rescued Greyhound gets some loving.

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