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Kitchen remodeling

Sorry everyone, been tied up with a major kitchen renovation over the last two and a half months (doing it yourself saves money but other projects suffer). This was something that was long over-due and thanks to plenty of help and lots sweat equity you can see the results below with the before and after shots.

With this remodel, I wanted to open up the kitchen making it a warm an open welcoming space; it’s my hope I leave you with that feeling. And because this is a remodeling job, the before shots are critical, as you want to give the viewer a frame a reference. Then, after shots must really sell the improvements that were made. The lighting, attention to detail and choice of focal points all play into successfully pulling this off.

This is my first attempt at Architectural Photography and it is one of the most challenging and difficult photography to do successfully. The play of light and shadow, plus color and contrast all factor in to a great image and when done right, the interiors leave the viewer with the feeling they are there in the space (or want to be).

I hope I was able to pull it off, let me know your thoughts.

Kitchen remodel befoer shot, sink,microwave, stove top, cabinets

Kitchen remodel before shot. Circa 1960’s-1970’s (except the dishwasher)

Kitchen remodel after shot showing the new sink,microwave, stove, cabinets and granite counter tops

Kitchen remodel after shot.

Kitchen remodel, wall oven, refrigerator, cabinets

Kitchen remodel before shot. (note: blue tape is due to the start of demolition inspection work)

Kitchen remodel after shot of the refrigerator, cabinets and granite counter tops

Kitchen remodel after shot. Note how the space has opened up.


ps – more posts to follow shortly, as I’ve been busy squeezing in other weekend photography work!

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