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Just published! “Once Upon a Time”

News update: My photos of the various clocks in the Grosse Pointe area have been published in the 2015 Insider’s Guide to the Pointes. Thank you very much Ms. Terry Minnis of Grosse Pointe Magazine ( http://www.grossepointemagazine.com/ )for this wonderful opportunity. See page 44 of the guide for all eleven clocks.

If you have a weekend corporate assignment, contact me for my negotiable rates.


Richard Place Clock at Kercheval and McKinley, Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

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The Clocks of Grosse Pointe

I have been busy the last two weeks on a weekend assignment for my very good friend Terry Minnis who owns Grosse Pointe Magazine (http://www.grossepointemagazine.com/). She contacted me with a request to photograph the outdoor clocks in the “Pointes” for a project the magazine is working on and I am always glad to help her out.

The winter months can be pretty challenging although the light in the winter is generally better in my opinion, you may have to wait for it to come out several days as a result, some of the photographs just didn’t have what I wanted and so I tried again this past weekend with much better results.

One of the first clocks I captured was the Koutier Jeweler’s Clock (http://koueiterjewelers.com/) on Mack Avenue. This is relatively new addition to “the Pointes” is not only a beautiful timepiece but, as it is solar powered, it’s an environmental gem as well.

koutier LR (1 of 1)



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