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Results of 2017 Trierenberg International Super Circuit are in

Once again I have had work accepted and send on for final judging. Five of my eighteen submissions went on to final judging. Alas, none won, but they say if you can get even one accepted in this international juried photo show in Austria, your work is pretty damn good.

Here are three of my submissions that went on for final judging.

Alaskan fjord, called Tracy Arm

Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska

Alaskan fjord called Tracy Arm

Cloud and mist swept forests of Tracy Arm Fjord.

water level of the Colorado river Hoover Dam water level

The Colorado river at the Hoover Dam in 2016.

If you’re interested in entering next year, here is the link to the site:



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And now, on to Skagway, Alaska

Now, getting back to our cruise to Alaska on Princess Cruises, Ruby Princess, and our next stop was the Alaskan port city of Skagway (also known as Dyea). A city rich in history as a starting point for the Gold Rush miners in the late 1890’s go to the gold fields in the Klondike. Our excursion was to ride the White Pass & Yukon Railroad from Fraser, British Columbia to Skagway (as was we took the bus from Skagway to Fraser). The ride took us through White (or Chilkoot) Pass and breath taking vistas such as the Sawtooth Mountains captured here.

Breath taking mountain vistas of the Sawtooth Mountains while riding the narrow gage railroad from Fraser to Skagway.

White Pass Railroad working its way through Chilkoot Pass at American Shed Station.

Breath taking mountain vistas of the Sawtooth Mountains while riding the narrow gage railroad from Fraser to Skagway.

A great view of the Sawtooth Mountains while riding the WhitePass Railroad.


Once again I find myself shooting from a moving platform, this time a narrow gauge train. The trick here is an ISO that freezes the scenery while not experiencing a lot of noise (grain) and, as I am shooting outside, between rail cars, finding a good solid position to handle the rocking and shifting of the train.


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Flying out to Mendenhall Glacier.


Taking a helicopter to this thirteen mile long glacier just a short distance from Juneau was exciting with breath taking views of the glacier and the surrounding area, the mist and low clouds gave the ride a special touch as the mist rolled of the glass of the copter. Mendenhall has many names actually, the Tlingits call it Sitaantaagu and naturalist John Muir called it Auke, and is the fifth largest ice field in North America.

Of special note, Mendenhall has, since 1958, receded almost 2 miles! The glaciers within the Juneau ice field are the primary source of water for the surrounding population in and around Juneau and once they are gone these people will have to find another supply of water

Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska, May 2015

The view of Mendenhall Glacier from above.

Shooting through the plexi-glass bubble of the helicopter taking us up for our walk-about was challenging but, you have to pick shots with impact like this one above.

Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska, 2015

The view from on top of Mendenhall Glacier.

Again, the challenges here are the weather (a light mist) and having to hand hold the shot.

Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska, 2015

Exploring Mendenhall Glacier.

Here we are hiking back to our pick-up point. I want to extend a special thanks to our pilot (Sorry, I don’t remember your name)from NorthStar Trekking; she made the ride interesting and humorous too, I loved gliding in for the landing, even if one of the other passengers screamed when you announced it.


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Downtown Juneau

Juneau, the capitol of Alaska and second largest city cannot be accessed by road, you can only fly or boat into Alaska’s second largest city (I guess unless you hike in). Juneau is a very interesting city with beautiful mountains as a great backdrop and all manner of shopping and dining to enjoy. It’s from here; we will ride a helicopter out to Mendenhall Glacier and spend over an hour exploring the glacier.

Juneau, Alaska, May of 2015

The bustling capital city of Juneau, Alaska.

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Cruising Tracy Arm Fjord

Well our luck of unseasonably nice weather finally ran out and of course it was while we were cruising the Tracy Fjord Inner Passage. So, if shooting from a moving ship didn’t offer enough of a challenge, throw in a steady heavy mist to bouts of light rain. My original plan was to shoot from the bow of the ship, I had scouted out a couple of places that looked promising, but in the end, I found a sheltered area at the stern. The rain covers I ordered just before leaving worked great once I got used to shooting with them covering the camera.


The inner passage, tracy arm fjord, alaska

What can I say, just breath taking beauty, even when the weather is bad.

Tracy Arm Fjord

A stunning view of the Inner Passage of Tracy Arm Fjord.

The Inner Passage of Alaska.

Just more breath-taking scenery from the Inner Passage.

As you can see from these shots, bad weather shouldn’t detour you, I actually welcome unpleasant weather; as all this beauty passed by, I just wanted to be on solid ground with my tripod and ISO set to 50 but, I’ll take these hand-held captures any day.


Tracy Arm Fjord/Fords Terror Wilderness.

The weather gives a hint as to why this is called Fords Terror Wilderness (zoom in on the iceberg and check out the Bald Eagles).


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First stop Ketchikan.

After a full day at sea it was good to get off the ship and explore the picturesque city of Ketchikan. The ship provided an excellent vantage point to shoot from (without a tripod, which I would have preferred to use but didn’t take with me on this trip.) and capture these nice shots of this quaint port town that caters to the cruise ship industry. Located on Revillagigedo Island, Ketchikan has a population of just over 8,000 but, you wouldn’t know it for all us tourists, the streets were busy with shoppers and sightseers.

Ketchikan waterfront with the foggy mountains in the background.

Ketchikan waterfront

Ketchikan from the deck of the Ruby Princess.

Ketchikan from the deck of the Ruby Princess.

The Tongass Narrows of Ketchikan, Alaska.

The Tongass Narrows of Ketchikan, Alaska.

Using the ship to shoot from maybe a no brainer but, picking the right composition, view and if available to you, time of day; can take your photographs from ordinary snap shots to memorable photographs as I would like to think these three photos do. Always go for unique and your photos will tell the story themselves.

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Weekend Photographer cruises Alaska & Canada.

Well, this weekend photographer has just returned from a week-long cruise of Alaska and Canada; and over the coming weeks I will be sharing some photos from the various locations from Seattle, Washington to Skagway, Alaska and describing the challenges that came up along the way. So check back and check out my work from seemly simple street shots in Seattle to shots taken while riding the White Pass railroad from Fraser, British Columbia to Skagway, Alaska.

The Princess cruise ship sits in port.

The Ruby Princess in Port at Ketchikan, Alaska.


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