Saxman Village tour.

Our first shore excursion in Ketchikan took us to the Saxman native village life of the West Coast First Peoples’ that include the Tlingit and Tsimshian clans. We walked among the many totems and experienced life in a clan house of these Native Americans of Alaska and Canada. Their ceremonial dances were beautiful and show the deep connection to Mother Earth they have. This particular tour is very good in that it helps these people keep their culture alive.

Native american dancer

Saxman Village Dancer with Baby.

Shooting inside the clan house requires a flash to freeze the action, whether it’s capturing the dancer spinning or the mischievous little girl who knows just what she can get away with. The one thing I would suggest is to try to be one of the first ones in to the clan house to get a good vantage point to shoot from.


Native girl stealing Saxman Village show.

Mischievous Little Girl Steals the Show.

And don’t forget to bring along a polarizing filter, it will deepen the skies and make colors richer.

Totem of a soaring eagle with planes

Native totem of an Eagle soaring with two float planes.


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