Business Trip Bonus #2: Hoover Dam

My second excursion while in Las Vegas after business hours was out to Hoover Dam. Built at the height of the Great Depression of the 1930’s as a way to control the Colorado River and generate electricity (also water for the surrounding areas). The dam is a marvel and once you look down upon it from the newly constructed Pat Tillman Bridge you really get a true sense of the utter scale of this project and what it took to build.

The very next thing that you’ll notice is the white “bath tub” ring on Lake Mead that shows just how much the years and years of drought have had on the area. Yes, that’s well over one hundred feet below where it should be and if it drops much lower they will not be able to generate electricity.

The Colorado River leaves the Hoover Dam flowing under the Pat Tillman Bridge

The Colorado River leaves the Hoover Dam flowing under the Pat Tillman Bridge.

hoover dam lake mead

The Hoover Dam water intakes on Lake Mead. The water should be just below the bridges connecting the water intakes!

The Hoover Dam intakes on the Arizona side.

The Hoover Dam and what’s left of Lake Mead on the Arizona side.







Tip: Because of the tripod issues from the day before, I decided to boost the ISO and hand hold for these shots, the key is to develop a good solid stance and brace you against something.


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Vegas Business Trip


I recently made the most of a four day business trip to Las Vegas with evening trips to Red Rock Canyon and Hoover Dam (Hoover Dam will be posted very soon). The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is an awe inspiring park about twenty miles outside Las Vegas and for a small admission price you can enjoy a beautiful loop drive offering plenty of places to stop, get out and hike, bike, climb, picnic all the while taking in the desert views and wildlife.

Getting these shots proved to be a bit of a challenge due to the thirty to forty mile an hour winds and my use of a unfamiliar tripod but, with the sun approaching the horizon on a cloudless sky you have to adapt quickly and I did. It also helped that I wasn’t driving (Thank you to my co-worker Theresa).

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon as sunset nears.

A foot path leading to one of the sandstone outcropping

Red Rock Canyon path

A shot of the sandstone with divergent patterns and people

Putting it into perspective.



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Cover Work!

My photographic work from last summer made the cover of the 2016 Edition of the Insider’s Guide to the Pointes, plus several other shots from around the Pointes were also used within the guide (see pages 14, 24, 36, 44, & 54. It was a great assignment and I had a lot of fun doing it for my good friends Terry and John Minnis who own Grosse Pointe Magazine. These trolleys, reminders of the early 20th century run up and down Kercheval and Mack avenues on Fridays and Saturdays evenings providing riders a great way to visit the many businesses along both those streets. Check out the link below to the magazine and it’s link to the guide.

Here is the cover shot:  GP-BG 2016

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2016 Trierenberg Super Circuit has opened for entries

The Trierenberg Super Circuit is now accepting submissions for their 2016 competitions. It is an international photo salon that I have be participating in for years and it’s a great opportunity to have your work judged on an international level getting international recognition as well. Over the years, this salon has grown steadily and now offers a wide variety of themes. One of this years themes, “My Four Best Images” is giving me a chance to submit two of my past Gold Metal winning photographs, “Goose On McNally Lake” & “Winter’s Remains”, that won and gave me a reason to visit Austria to accept the gold medals in person. If you’re interested, here is the link to the site:


Goose on a misty lake early in the morning

Early in the morning a Goose floats through the mist on McNally Lake.

Deer leg lies on the snow.

The remains of a deer leg on snow.

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Classic Photo Used

Thank you Terry and John Minnis for using my 1979 photograph of the man affectionately known as “Mr. Gratiot” in “Images of America: Roseville”. “Mr. Gratiot” or Ed Choley was a World War II veteran who suffered from PTSD long before it was recognized as such and spent his days keeping Gratiot Avenue clean, drawing caricatures for children and talking with Joe, his imaginary friend. Ed passed away in 1981, but anyone who grew up in Roseville, Michigan back then, knew and loved him.

Ed Choley or "Mr. Gratiot" picking up trash along Gratiot avenue in Roseville, Michigan

Mr. “Gratiot” kept Roseville clean.



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Spartan Pride

The Spirit of Detroit dons a Spartan Jersey to show support for the Michigan Sate Spartans football team on their way to the 2016 Cotton Bowl to take on Alabama.

spirit of detroit wearing a spartans jersey

The Spirit of Detroit donning his Spartan jersey

And Christmas Eve morning was the perfect time to go down to get this capture, the weather was perfect and traffic in the downtown area was light. Aside from the security guard parked near by there was only one passerby who asked if I would take his phone and photograph him in front of this iconic statue.

For sales of this and other items check out my Red Bubble site:

And now on my Fine Art America site:


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Grosse Pointe Magazine work

Back in July my good friend Terry Minnis, the publisher of Grosse Pointe Magazine ( asked if I could cover the Edmund T. Ahee Jeweler’s ( annual Las Vegas Night benefit for the Capuchin Soup Kitchen ( held at Comerica Park. How could I say no? My family orders our Thanksgiving dinners from the CSK to help with their cause and the food is great too. I spent the evening meeting wonderfully caring people and bought plenty of raffle tickets in the hopes of winning the Rolex but alas, I didn’t buy enough. Below are some of the many people that allowed me to photograph them, thank you everyone.

Thanks again Terry and John for the work!

Photos from the Ahee benefit for the Capuchin Soup Kitchen

Photos I shot of some of the many people that came out in support of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

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A Special Trip to Denver, Colorado

I got the chance to return to Denver after to many years away and boy the changes. After a couple of days of work related meetings, I rented a car to check out a few of my old favorite places near Denver: Mt. Evans and Red Rocks Park. The drive up to Mt. Evans was loaded with anticipation over the autumn views and the weather, but, sadly, the road to the summit had closed just the week before and as far as I could go was Echo Lake, which isn’t bad and the weather was great. After hiking around the Echo Lake area, I headed to Red Rocks Park taking in the beautiful fall vistas along the way. It was afternoon sun but, I didn’t care, it was a great opportunity and I was going to make the most of it.

Bride and her Maid of Honor hike along a trail near Mount Evans.

A bride and her Maid of Honor on the foot path near Mount Evans.


The golden aspen trees give way to the pine forest with snowy mountain peak touching a hazy blue sky.

An autumn view on the foot path from Echo Lake.

Reddish colored rock outcopping tilted in various angles

Red Rocks Park, a geological outcropping of reddish colored rocks near Denver.

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Final Stop: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

This final stop of our cruise on the Ruby Princess didn’t afford us a lot of daylight so we choose to take the short walk down to Fisherman’s Wharf and as the sun began to set on the calm, near cloudless warm evening, we soaked up the marine environment strolling around the docks. As the day slowly eased to night in the eclectic neighborhood of colorful float homes, the calm, peaceful, welcoming atmosphere was in stark contrast to the excessive hustle and bustle of the past few days. The homes are colorful and the evening light with the light crowds make the experience that must better. It may have the perfect weather, the evening light or just the lack of crowds but this tiny little community left its mark on me.


Victoria, British Columbia's Float Home Community, 2015.

Colorful homes of Fisherman’s Wharf

Fishermans Wharf Folk Art

Just Sitting on the Wharf.

MoonShadow 1

MoonShadow’s Statement








Sometimes it’s just being in the right place and the right time. Most of the tourist had left for the day, things got peaceful and the setting sun gave this colorful little community extra pop allowing me to get these great shots.


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And now, on to Skagway, Alaska

Now, getting back to our cruise to Alaska on Princess Cruises, Ruby Princess, and our next stop was the Alaskan port city of Skagway (also known as Dyea). A city rich in history as a starting point for the Gold Rush miners in the late 1890’s go to the gold fields in the Klondike. Our excursion was to ride the White Pass & Yukon Railroad from Fraser, British Columbia to Skagway (as was we took the bus from Skagway to Fraser). The ride took us through White (or Chilkoot) Pass and breath taking vistas such as the Sawtooth Mountains captured here.

Breath taking mountain vistas of the Sawtooth Mountains while riding the narrow gage railroad from Fraser to Skagway.

White Pass Railroad working its way through Chilkoot Pass at American Shed Station.

Breath taking mountain vistas of the Sawtooth Mountains while riding the narrow gage railroad from Fraser to Skagway.

A great view of the Sawtooth Mountains while riding the WhitePass Railroad.


Once again I find myself shooting from a moving platform, this time a narrow gauge train. The trick here is an ISO that freezes the scenery while not experiencing a lot of noise (grain) and, as I am shooting outside, between rail cars, finding a good solid position to handle the rocking and shifting of the train.


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