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Honorable Mention earned in the Oakland County Parks Photo Contest

As readers of my posts know, I enjoy entering photo contest. Photo contests are a great way to put your photos out for other to see, to get your name out there and see what people think of your work. With small contests the categories are pretty specific as in the annual Oakland County Parks contest. I enjoy the outdoors, I enjoy parks, I enjoy people watching in the parks and Oakland County is right next-door so why not. And the result was an Honorable Mention for my “Buhl Lake Fisherman”, and a wonderful evening in a beautiful park.

Fishing on buhl lake in a kayak

Honorable Mention: Fisherman enjoying an evening of fishing on Buhl Lake.



Buhl lake with mist.

As the rain moves away the mist rises off Buhl Lake.

Sun gets ready to set after a rainy evening on Buhl Lake.

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Cover Work!

My photographic work from last summer made the cover of the 2016 Edition of the Insider’s Guide to the Pointes, plus several other shots from around the Pointes were also used within the guide (see pages 14, 24, 36, 44, & 54. It was a great assignment and I had a lot of fun doing it for my good friends Terry and John Minnis who own Grosse Pointe Magazine. These trolleys, reminders of the early 20th century run up and down Kercheval and Mack avenues on Fridays and Saturdays evenings providing riders a great way to visit the many businesses along both those streets. Check out the link below to the magazine and it’s link to the guide.

Here is the cover shot:  GP-BG 2016

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2016 Trierenberg Super Circuit has opened for entries

The Trierenberg Super Circuit is now accepting submissions for their 2016 competitions. It is an international photo salon that I have be participating in for years and it’s a great opportunity to have your work judged on an international level getting international recognition as well. Over the years, this salon has grown steadily and now offers a wide variety of themes. One of this years themes, “My Four Best Images” is giving me a chance to submit two of my past Gold Metal winning photographs, “Goose On McNally Lake” & “Winter’s Remains”, that won and gave me a reason to visit Austria to accept the gold medals in person. If you’re interested, here is the link to the site:


Goose on a misty lake early in the morning

Early in the morning a Goose floats through the mist on McNally Lake.

Deer leg lies on the snow.

The remains of a deer leg on snow.

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Classic Photo Used

Thank you Terry and John Minnis for using my 1979 photograph of the man affectionately known as “Mr. Gratiot” in “Images of America: Roseville”. “Mr. Gratiot” or Ed Choley was a World War II veteran who suffered from PTSD long before it was recognized as such and spent his days keeping Gratiot Avenue clean, drawing caricatures for children and talking with Joe, his imaginary friend. Ed passed away in 1981, but anyone who grew up in Roseville, Michigan back then, knew and loved him.

Ed Choley or "Mr. Gratiot" picking up trash along Gratiot avenue in Roseville, Michigan

Mr. “Gratiot” kept Roseville clean.



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Spartan Pride

The Spirit of Detroit dons a Spartan Jersey to show support for the Michigan Sate Spartans football team on their way to the 2016 Cotton Bowl to take on Alabama.

spirit of detroit wearing a spartans jersey

The Spirit of Detroit donning his Spartan jersey

And Christmas Eve morning was the perfect time to go down to get this capture, the weather was perfect and traffic in the downtown area was light. Aside from the security guard parked near by there was only one passerby who asked if I would take his phone and photograph him in front of this iconic statue.

For sales of this and other items check out my Red Bubble site:

And now on my Fine Art America site:


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Taking a Short Break From Alaska: The Armada Fair

The Armada Fair wrapped up its 143rd run last week and I went down early Friday morning to take in the sites before the crowds came. It’s nice to get there early, the place isn’t packed with people, it’s peaceful and the staff, vendors and participants are just getting ready to start the day. Although the clear blue sky didn’t provide the best lighting I still found great subject matter. The Budweiser Clydesdales came in for the event and the Budweiser crew was getting them ready for the show. There was also a Miniature Horse going on and the children involved were both posed and professional, the parents should be very proud of them (Parents, please reach out to me if you are interested in the photos I shot, my prices are very reasonable!).

Showing of Miniature Horses and the Aramada Fair

Miniature Horse Competition

Working in harsh lighting conditions is a challenge but, understanding composition and working with the angle of the sun will allow you to still get great shots.


Young Lady assists the crew in preping the Clydesdales.

Brooklyn gets to help with the Budweiser Clydesdale.

When walking though an event, you never know what photo op may appear before you. Be solidly familiar with your camera’s operations and functions; and some times you can capture a great moment like this.

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A very nice request.

My post last year of the Blue Angel #4 caught the attention of Major Cordill who was the pilot and has since retired from military service. He requested a copy of my shot of him making his training runs before the 2014 Selfridge Air Show. And he was kind enough to reply: “Out of all the pics I have this one rates a spot on the wall! I appreciate your cooperation!”

You’re very welcome Major and thank you for your service!

Blue Angel, Major Brandon Cordill.

Blue Angel, Major Brandon Cordill.

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First day of spring!

As Saturday was the first full day of spring, I decided to take a drive to Belle Isle and check on the progress the State of Michigan is making cleaning up the island since it took it over and is now a state managed park. While the sun was bright the wind coming off the icy waters had quite a bite. I waited thirty minutes for the sun to get just right for this beautiful sunset on this first day of spring.

First day of Spring 2015 on Belle Isle.

First day of Spring 2015 on Belle Isle.

This island gem offers many photographic opportunities for photographers of all experience levels and it is because of this, I will be offering the following one-day small group workshops:

“The Basics of Composition” and “Developing Your Own Photographic Voice” each workshop cost $100.00 and includes a portfolio review. Contact me for available dates.

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Just published! “Once Upon a Time”

News update: My photos of the various clocks in the Grosse Pointe area have been published in the 2015 Insider’s Guide to the Pointes. Thank you very much Ms. Terry Minnis of Grosse Pointe Magazine ( )for this wonderful opportunity. See page 44 of the guide for all eleven clocks.

If you have a weekend corporate assignment, contact me for my negotiable rates.


Richard Place Clock at Kercheval and McKinley, Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

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Made another sale!

Hello everyone,

I made another sale of the Spirit of Detroit wearing the Red Wings jersey on Fine Art America. Thank you to whomever made the purchase and please take a look at all my other photographs I have available for sale on Fine Art America and Red Bubble as well. of Detroit of Detroit


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