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Honorable Mention earned in the Oakland County Parks Photo Contest

As readers of my posts know, I enjoy entering photo contest. Photo contests are a great way to put your photos out for other to see, to get your name out there and see what people think of your work. With small contests the categories are pretty specific as in the annual Oakland County Parks contest. I enjoy the outdoors, I enjoy parks, I enjoy people watching in the parks and Oakland County is right next-door so why not. And the result was an Honorable Mention for my “Buhl Lake Fisherman”, and a wonderful evening in a beautiful park.

Fishing on buhl lake in a kayak

Honorable Mention: Fisherman enjoying an evening of fishing on Buhl Lake.



Buhl lake with mist.

As the rain moves away the mist rises off Buhl Lake.

Sun gets ready to set after a rainy evening on Buhl Lake.

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Results of 2017 Trierenberg International Super Circuit are in

Once again I have had work accepted and send on for final judging. Five of my eighteen submissions went on to final judging. Alas, none won, but they say if you can get even one accepted in this international juried photo show in Austria, your work is pretty damn good.

Here are three of my submissions that went on for final judging.

Alaskan fjord, called Tracy Arm

Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska

Alaskan fjord called Tracy Arm

Cloud and mist swept forests of Tracy Arm Fjord.

water level of the Colorado river Hoover Dam water level

The Colorado river at the Hoover Dam in 2016.

If you’re interested in entering next year, here is the link to the site:

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It’s That Time of Year Again.

The 2017 Trierenberg Super Circuit of Photography is now accepting submissions. It is a great opportunity to have your work judged on an international level and get worldwide recognition as too. I have been participating in this international photo salon for years and have been invite4d to Austria twice. Over the years, this salon has grown steadily and now offers a wide variety of themes for any photographer’s specialty.

If you’re interested, here is the link to the site:

Once I get the results, I’ll post some of my submissions here, so check back and see how I did.

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2016 Trierenberg Super Circuit has opened for entries

The Trierenberg Super Circuit is now accepting submissions for their 2016 competitions. It is an international photo salon that I have be participating in for years and it’s a great opportunity to have your work judged on an international level getting international recognition as well. Over the years, this salon has grown steadily and now offers a wide variety of themes. One of this years themes, “My Four Best Images” is giving me a chance to submit two of my past Gold Metal winning photographs, “Goose On McNally Lake” & “Winter’s Remains”, that won and gave me a reason to visit Austria to accept the gold medals in person. If you’re interested, here is the link to the site:


Goose on a misty lake early in the morning

Early in the morning a Goose floats through the mist on McNally Lake.

Deer leg lies on the snow.

The remains of a deer leg on snow.

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Super Circuit Report Card.

I just got my results from the

International Super Circuit ( ). Ten of my photos were accepted and sent on for final judging. This included my photos in the Water and Human Emotions categories were well received by the judges; I have posted two of these images here.

The Trieneberg Super Circuit is an international juried photography show in Linz, Austria that gives photographers from all over the world a forum to display their work on an international level.

Swampfoot runner slides toward the cold muddy water

Swampfoot runner slides toward the cold muddy water.

swampfoot run

A pair of Swampfoot runners hit the muddy water with a big splash.


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Trierenburg Super Circuit

Hello, I’ve been busy preparing my submissions for the Trierenberg International photo show out of Austria. Wish me luck, I have 27 images going in to this juried art show and hopefully they enjoy them as much as I did capturing them. I’ll post a couple of my submitted images once the judging has been completed. So, please check back in soon!

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Third place!

My photograph of the Ellis Barn took third place in the Historical category in Oakland County’s inaugural “Pics of the Parks” photo contest. The contest judges included photographer Linda Solomon and Tony Bennett. The Ellis Barn photograph was a last-minute entry made possible with the help of digital technology and the folks at the Parks department. With only forty-eight hours notice, I was able to find a suitable subject (the barn), photograph it, process the image and get it submitted just before the contest closed. My photograph, along with all the other entries are now display at the Somerset Collection in the South Rotunda. The Ellis Barn, constructed in 1884 on Dixie Highway in Clarkston, was part of the Ingomar Stock farm that was owned by the Ellis family. It was moved to it current home in Spring Oaks Park in Davisburg in 2005.

Of special note: The Ellis Barn is the only barn in Michigan included in the book “The American Barn.”

Ellis Barn, Spring Oaks Park1 (1 of 1)

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Six Acceptances!

Got my emailed notification on my submissions to the Trierenberg Super Circuit in Austria, six of my photographs were accepted for final judging and hopefully a trip to  Austria. But alas, I didn’t make the final, cut so no trip to Austria.

Posted here are just two of those photos that got: Nap Buddies and The Tortoise & the Girl. Previous posting were also accepted: Stormy Night and Winter Squirrel.

Tortoise & the Girl for Blog

Nap Buddies for Blog

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