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Sorry, been facing more pressing issues.

Hello again, sorry I’ve been away. It’s just that sometimes things come up that force you to take sometime away form the things that you love. It’s not that I haven’t been shooting, it’s just the time it takes to process the images to my satisfaction and then compose something worth your time and if I cannot give it my fullest attention, I will let it stew. With that said . . .

The one hundredth anniversary of Selfridge Air Nation Guard Base occurred this summer and I did take the day to watch the Thunderbirds perform there. In photographing subjects such as flying insects, birds and especially aircraft you are hoping for good weather conditions, a great position and finally target anticipation, or having a good idea your subject is coming from/going to. With photographing the Thunderbirds in their F-16’s you have to balance out a fast enough ISO to freeze the action (if that is what your goal is) is a high shutter speed along with a reasonable f-stop for a good depth of field. When everything comes together you get great shots with wonderful detail.

A five plane formation

The USAF Thunderbirds.




Thunderbird jets make a pass at an air show

The USAF Thunderbirds make a pass.

Four Thunderbirds flying in diamond formation

The US Air Force’s Thunderbirds over Selfridge.

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Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July, a time to celebrate the birth of our country and with that comes fireworks. Love them or hate them, fireworks are visually fun to take in and from a photography standpoint; they offer a great opportunity to catch explosive nighttime beauty. Unlike lightning, photographing fireworks is easier as you have a pretty good idea, once the first few have gone off, you know about where to point your camera. The tougher part comes in with getting the exposure correct for the effect you want to achieve. With digital cameras and your digital darkroom this is not a problem and your only limitations can be the size of your storage while shooting.


4th of july, fireworks, night sky

4th of July fireworks explode in the night sky looking more like a dandelion.

4th of july, fireworks, night sky

4th of July firework explodes with color.

Fireworks exploding in the night sky.





With plenty of your neighbors willing to blow-up their hard earned pay-checks, you should have more than enough subject matter to capture, your only issue maybe having an good unobstructed view.

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Spartan Pride

The Spirit of Detroit dons a Spartan Jersey to show support for the Michigan Sate Spartans football team on their way to the 2016 Cotton Bowl to take on Alabama.

spirit of detroit wearing a spartans jersey

The Spirit of Detroit donning his Spartan jersey

And Christmas Eve morning was the perfect time to go down to get this capture, the weather was perfect and traffic in the downtown area was light. Aside from the security guard parked near by there was only one passerby who asked if I would take his phone and photograph him in front of this iconic statue.

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Taking a Short Break From Alaska: The Armada Fair

The Armada Fair wrapped up its 143rd run last week and I went down early Friday morning to take in the sites before the crowds came. It’s nice to get there early, the place isn’t packed with people, it’s peaceful and the staff, vendors and participants are just getting ready to start the day. Although the clear blue sky didn’t provide the best lighting I still found great subject matter. The Budweiser Clydesdales came in for the event and the Budweiser crew was getting them ready for the show. There was also a Miniature Horse going on and the children involved were both posed and professional, the parents should be very proud of them (Parents, please reach out to me if you are interested in the photos I shot, my prices are very reasonable!).

Showing of Miniature Horses and the Aramada Fair

Miniature Horse Competition

Working in harsh lighting conditions is a challenge but, understanding composition and working with the angle of the sun will allow you to still get great shots.


Young Lady assists the crew in preping the Clydesdales.

Brooklyn gets to help with the Budweiser Clydesdale.

When walking though an event, you never know what photo op may appear before you. Be solidly familiar with your camera’s operations and functions; and some times you can capture a great moment like this.

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Saxman Village tour.

Our first shore excursion in Ketchikan took us to the Saxman native village life of the West Coast First Peoples’ that include the Tlingit and Tsimshian clans. We walked among the many totems and experienced life in a clan house of these Native Americans of Alaska and Canada. Their ceremonial dances were beautiful and show the deep connection to Mother Earth they have. This particular tour is very good in that it helps these people keep their culture alive.

Native american dancer

Saxman Village Dancer with Baby.

Shooting inside the clan house requires a flash to freeze the action, whether it’s capturing the dancer spinning or the mischievous little girl who knows just what she can get away with. The one thing I would suggest is to try to be one of the first ones in to the clan house to get a good vantage point to shoot from.


Native girl stealing Saxman Village show.

Mischievous Little Girl Steals the Show.

And don’t forget to bring along a polarizing filter, it will deepen the skies and make colors richer.

Totem of a soaring eagle with planes

Native totem of an Eagle soaring with two float planes.


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A very nice request.

My post last year of the Blue Angel #4 caught the attention of Major Cordill who was the pilot and has since retired from military service. He requested a copy of my shot of him making his training runs before the 2014 Selfridge Air Show. And he was kind enough to reply: “Out of all the pics I have this one rates a spot on the wall! I appreciate your cooperation!”

You’re very welcome Major and thank you for your service!

Blue Angel, Major Brandon Cordill.

Blue Angel, Major Brandon Cordill.

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Super Circuit Report Card.

I just got my results from the

International Super Circuit ( ). Ten of my photos were accepted and sent on for final judging. This included my photos in the Water and Human Emotions categories were well received by the judges; I have posted two of these images here.

The Trieneberg Super Circuit is an international juried photography show in Linz, Austria that gives photographers from all over the world a forum to display their work on an international level.

Swampfoot runner slides toward the cold muddy water

Swampfoot runner slides toward the cold muddy water.

swampfoot run

A pair of Swampfoot runners hit the muddy water with a big splash.


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Greyhound rescue

Last weekend I went to a charity trivia event at Mr. B’s in Royal Oak to benefit MotorCity Greyhound Rescue ( and afterward was invited to welcome three newly rescued Greyhounds at Scrubbers Self-Serve Dog Wash and Grooming of Royal Oak where the three were bathed and checked for ticks and fleas before going on to their foster homes. The dogs all seem to know their lives were changing for the better. After getting a good cleaning the dogs getting some much-needed loving.

A newly rescued Greyhound gets some loving.

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Been with other projects but . . .

Hello, been busy with home projects but not to busy to get out there and get some shots of the Blue Angels doing training runs before the 2014 Air Show at Selfridge Air National Guard Base. Digital camera make getting the photo (capture) you want much easier with the proper training and guidance shots like this are much more attainable than back in the days of film for us weekend photographers.

Blue Angel, Major Brandon Cordill.

Blue Angel, Major Brandon Cordill.


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2014 Swampfoot Run

I went up to St. Clair, Michigan last weekend (August 30th) to watch the runners take on the 2014 Swampfoot course; it’s four miles of mud, muddy water and obstacles. Everyone enjoyed themselves on this challenging military style course and I had a great time photographing them.  Here is one of the many runners coming clearing the last obstacle to complete the course. Great job everyone!

A Swamp Foot runner clearing the last hurtle to get to the finish line.

A Swamp Foot runner clearing the last hurtle to get to the finish line.

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